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Energy savings, reduced carbon footprint and increased home value make Bay Area solar solutions an attractive choice. To optimize the advantages you can gain, it’s essential to know of these primary considerations when going solar:

Installing Solar Roofing? Here’s Some Considerations

1. Your Geographical Location

A roof covered in shade for the majority of the year may not have enough “solar window” to compensate the cost of the panels. The more sunshine it receives, the more energy that’s generated. However, energy production may be hindered by shadows cast by tall objects such as mature trees in the surroundings.

2. Roof Material and Condition

Your roof has to be in excellent condition prior to a solar installation. Otherwise, it would be a very tedious and expensive undertaking. The roofing team would have to remove them to make way for repairs or an entire roof replacement, only to have each panel re-installed. Roof material must be taken into account as well, such as asphalt roofs that have a 20-year lifespan. Solar panels are highly durable and built to last for over 30 years.

3. Do An Energy Audit

The amount of energy you typically use is the determining factor of the solar energy that needs to be produced. It’d be a wise move to exhaust all efforts to improve efficiency before investing on solar panels.

4. Explore Panel Options

There are two kinds of solar technologies, namely photovoltaic which is ideal for individual electrical needs, and thermal systems that utilize sunlight to heat water or air on a large-scale. The roof-mounted type is the most popular choice of panel placement, but ground-mounted arrays (though more expensive) are also an option for those who don’t have sufficient roof space. Panels can also be mounted using a tracker designed to move panels into the sun’s path.

5. The Grid Connection

How would you establish the connection to the grid? Find out how long it would take for the utility to hook the panel up, the fees that must be paid, and when you’ll be credited the electricity it generates once you’re connected.

6. Financing Options

To lease or to buy? Paying for solar roofing upfront is the simplest method to acquire the panels. Not everyone has thousands of dollars readily available, that’s why solar companies offer loans where payments are spread across a certain number of months. For a small downpayment, you can start enjoying your eco-friendly panels. Leasing is another option wherein the company remains the system owner and you pay for the generated electricity.

7. The Right Installer

Every solar installation comes with electrical and safety risks, which can be minimized when done by a knowledgeable and highly-trained professional.

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