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Unfortunately, the typical consumer has a rather child-like view of how solar panels work.  That is why Century Roof and Solar is here to help educate.

Most people imagine that the hotter the sun’s rays are, the more energy the panels will soak up. Truth be told, solar panels are far more sophisticated, and so many more factors are involved. Indeed, some solar panels function better in cold weather than in hot weather.

This isn’t to say that winter doesn’t bring unique challenges for solar panel owners. For one, the days are shorter during the winter (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere).

Debris, such as leaves, twigs, mulch, and snow and ice, can literally block the solar panels and thus prevent them from extracting energy from the sun or from any other source. To protect the panels, remove snow and other yucky stuff with a snow rake or other squeegee-type edged blade. If you can’t clean your entire roof, don’t fret. Just clear “enough” access.

For instance, say a blizzard dumps 12 inches of snow on your roof. You could devote a day to rigging up a harness and clearing every panel of snow and ice. But this approach is neither palatable nor necessary. Instead, clear what you can — the lower and more accessible panels, for instance — and you will enjoy at least some increased energy collection ability.

Luckily not too many of us in the Bay Area have to deal with blizzards.

To optimize your solar panels for the winter, connect with the team at Century Roof and Solar at 888-233-7548 or www.centuryrooftile.com.

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