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Why Fall and Winter May be Better for Re-roofing Than Spring or Summer

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Many people choose to complete home improvement projects, such as re-roofing, in spring or summer. Our East Bay roofing contractors would disagree, as would a surprising amount of research science, which suggests that these seasons are not necessarily optimal for repairing or replacing roofs. If that sounds counterintuitive, consider the following benefits of scheduling roof work for the fall or winter months.

The temperature is ideal.

Re-roofing should take place when the temperature is at least 45 degrees. However, roofing repair days should also be cool enough to allow your contractors to work comfortably. Fall and winter (at least here in the Bay Area) offers the perfect balance between hot and cold temperatures through the fall and winter.

Spring and summer are hard on your roof.

The storms of spring and summer heat can take a toll on your roof. Thus, fall is often the best time to inspect it and see whether repairs are in order. Additionally roofers need less time that you might think to complete a roof replacement and in the Bay Area, it is generally easy to predict a couple days in a row of good weather.

Winter is typically considered “off-season.”

Most people opt to complete roofing repairs or replacement in the summer months or early fall. Bay Area roofing contractors are typically much less busy in late fall and early winter, making it easier for you to schedule your project as well as allowing you to avoid possibly paying a premium for a high demand time of year. This winter is an exception, since El Niño has many homeowners performing more complex maintenance tasks to prepare their home.

In addition to re-roofing in the fall and winter you should consider completing preventative maintenance jobs during this time of the year. Home Owners Associations, commercial properties, and property managers may find that they can get better deals on large projects completed in lower demand times of the year, and in the Bay Area the winter and fall are generally mild, so there is limited downsides to this approach.

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The Century Roof & Solar team can help you and your family, your business, or your home owners association explore solutions to your roofing needs. We can make your home more energy efficient; help you prevent mold, mildew and structural problems, as well as providing remediation for your existing problems; and create a roof maintenance plan to meet the demands of the upcoming El Niño fueled winter. Call Century today at (888) 233-7548 or contact us online for more information.

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