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Simple Tips for Skylight Maintenance in the Bay Area



A skylight brings natural light into a home and potentially increases the home’s resale value. Some Bay Area residents hesitate to add skylights to their roofing, however, due to maintenance concerns. The reality, fortunately, is that these features actually require very little in terms of ongoing care. Read on for information about maintaining your skylights.

Washing the Skylight

You rarely have to wash the outside of the skylight, including the frame, because heavy rains do the job for you. You will want to keep the inside clean with a soft brush on an extendable handle once approximately every 2 to 3 months.

If your skylight becomes grungy due to the buildup of debris, you will need to clean it more aggressively. Today, most lights are made of plastic, and you can clean them with either a solution of mild soap or detergent and water or a weak solution of household ammonia and water. Do not use ammonia if your window is made from polycarbonates. All plastics are susceptible to scratches, so do not use anything abrasive to clean your skylight.

Extra Steps if You Live Near the Ocean

Proper skylight maintenance by beach gets slightly more complex. You need a few additional steps to protect your home and roof from saltwater damage. If your light has an aluminum frame, paint it and check for exposed metal every six months, touching up as needed.

Interested in Skylight Installation in the Bay Area

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