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Common Issues with Solar Energy Roofing

solar-panels-bay-area-600-webA solar roofing installation can be beneficial both to the environment and to your pocketbook (in the long run). However, installing and maintaining solar panels is not foolproof. Below are some surprisingly common problems you may encounter when you invest in solar.

1. Your installer goes out of business.

Solar companies have been rising and falling quickly in recent years, your best bet is to find a solar company that provides a broad range of services and not one that only provides solar solutions. There is no guarantee that your installer will stay in business. If your installer goes under, and you experience a problem with your equipment, however, you may be able to try other avenues, such as calling the manufacturer for help. The smartest strategy to avoid this headache is to take time screening and vetting providers before committing to a contract.

2. You need to repair your roof.

The Bay Area may not be home to many snow squalls and ice storms, but the wind can be fierce, and many homes are built near earthquake fault lines. If you need to repair your roof, you may need to remove and then replace your solar panels. In most cases, you must pay for this process yourself. To reduce this expense as much as possible, make sure your roof is in good condition before you call a Bay Area solar solutions provider. You could also make sure a roofing contractor can repair your roof before calling the solar company. Here at Century Roof & Solar, we can take care of both!

3. Your solar panels become damaged.

Although solar panels are built to withstand the elements, they may become damaged by storms or other such events. In this case, your homeowners’ insurance may cover the damage. However, damage caused by earthquakes will be covered only if you have earthquake insurance.

Century Roof and Solar is Your One-Stop Shop for Bay Area Solar Solutions, Roof, and Gutter

The team at Century Roof & Solar can help you make an intelligent plan regarding your switch to solar, so that you can minimize the likelihood of these unfortunate events and maximize the utility and cost-effectiveness of your investment. Please call (510) 780-9489 or contact us online today so we can start making your home, office, or building more environmentally friendly and less expensive to operate.

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