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Should You Connect Your Solar Roofing to the Grid?

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California is in the midst of a solar revolution that could, long term, radically reduce energy dependence and protect the environment. As cell technology improves and gets cheaper, more and more solar solutions will be available to help consumers like you save money and do your part to reduce your impact on the planet.

However, before you can enjoy these benefits, you have to choose between two basic varieties of solar energy roofing: on-grid and off-grid. Here’s the basic difference: on-grid systems connect to the electrical grid, while off-grid systems do not.

About On-Grid Systems

Since on-grid systems are tied to the electrical grid, you can use either solar energy or energy from the grid at any given time. When your solar roofing produces more energy than you need, the system automatically sends the extra energy the opposite direction — onto the grid for others to use! In most cases, you can sign an agreement with your electric company that will allow any extra energy you generate to be credited to your next bill.

About Off-Grid Systems

Off-grid solar solutions require no connection to the grid or agreements with the electric company. However, off-grid solutions must be more robust and flexible – they need to able to produce all of the energy your home or building requires. To ensure that you always have electricity at night, these solutions may be combined with a back-up generator and/or a battery that stores extra energy produced during the day.

Discover What Solar Solutions are Right for Your Home and Lifestyle

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