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Lightweight Solar Roofing Panels Have Arrived

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Solar panels are an excellent choice for business owners or homeowners who are interested in making their buildings more environmentally friendly as well as saving a great deal of money on utility bills each month. Beamreach Solar, an innovative solar company, has created new Sprint™ solar panels that are one of the best choices for solar installation. They stand out among the competition for a variety of reasons, including price, durability, and value. Roofing companies prefer the Sprint™ panels because they are quick and easy for the installers to assemble as well as long lasting and efficient for the customer.


Beamreach Solar’s Sprint™ panels are specifically designed for commercial buildings, so they are an excellent choice for business owners who are building new locations, or for businesses that simply want to upgrade and save on energy costs. They can be installed in any area with virtually any weather patterns. Due to their strength, they are designed to withstand up to 115 mph wind speeds. The Sprint™ solar panels feature a 60-cell lightweight PV system that makes them easier to install and use. The panels also come with a 25-year warranty and 10-year product warranty to make sure that customers are thoroughly satisfied with the quality.


Sprint™ solar panels are more powerful than traditional solar panel models. Customers will also benefit from the fast installation that is associated with Sprint™ panels. They can be installed with much more ease and speed than conventional versions, saving money on costs associated with labor and time. The Sprint™ panels also come with more panels per roof, lending to their efficiency. Lower shipping costs to roofing companies compared to conventional models benefit both the installation company as well as the customer, saving costs all around.

Installation companies prefer the new Sprint™ panels for the same reasons that customers do, and they choose Sprint™ panels over other choices whenever applicable. “Beamreach Solar’s Sprint™ gives us the advantage of reducing our labor costs while delivering added value to both our existing and new customers with roofs that could not support the weight of conventional solar systems,” said Tony Diaz, president, Century Roof & Solar Inc. “The advantage of having the power density in this product and speeding up the installation time will give a great return on investment for our clients and give us an advantage in the industry.”

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If you are interested in upgrading your home by adding solar panels to your San Francisco Bay Area roof, the new Sprint™ panels are an excellent choice. Aside from the financial and environmental benefits of choosing to add solar panels to your commercial building’s roof, you will garner the added benefits associated with Beamreach Solar’s Sprint™ panels. Century Roof and Solar specializes in solar roofing installations and can help you get started on your solar solutions quickly and efficiently. Contact us today at (510) 780-9489 for more information or fill out our online contact form for an estimate.

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