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Gutter Cleaning is Simple Once you Know What to Look For


Clogged gutters can lead to water damage on your roof and create the conditions for mold, mildew and pest infestation into your home–even in the drought-ridden San Francisco Bay Area. Now that El Niño is here, and rain has made its grand appearance, follow these gutter cleaning tips to keep your property safe and to prevent annoying and expensive repair work down the line.

1. Establish a cleaning schedule and stick to it.

In general, gutters should be cleaned twice each year at minimum. Even if you have invested in gutter screens or caps, stick to a schedule of doing deep cleans every six months. If a major storm unleashes a whirlwind of leaves, sticks and other gunk and debris onto your home, don’t wait until the six month mark – the rotting, decomposing material will make cleaning later much more work.

2. Decide whether to handle the situation “DIY” or to call a specialist.

Most gutter cleaning methods require a ladder, heavy gloves and other tools. If you’re not comfortable using this kind of equipment, know your limits. Likewise, if you lack the time, energy or strength to do the work, don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone or risk a fall from height. Call a Bay Area gutter installations and cleaning company instead.

3. Look for pitch problems and holes.

If you decide to clean your gutters on your own, identify these critical spots and gaps so that you can repair them as soon as possible after the cleaning. Holes, for instance, can allow moisture to accumulate or pool, creating leaks and all the hazards that attend. No matter how clean your gutters are if they are not pitched properly they will not drain effectively. Finally, don’t forget that once the water heads down your downspouts it needs to be able to get out, often times underground pipes or downspouts themselves can become clogged which will require attention beyond your typical gutter cleaning project.

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Save Yourself the Trouble and Get Gutter Cleaning Done Right the First Time

Our professional gutter cleaners are here to help you unwind the damage caused by the harsh Bay Area winter rain. Even though El Niño may not be done with Northern California yet, you don’t have to wait until the weather clears to get your home (and roof) into better shape. Call us today for a free gutter cleaning estimate, gutter replacement, or for any type of roofing problem. We can be reached at (888) 233-7548 or send us a message from our website.

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