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solar energy panelsSolar panels are an increasingly popular option for homeowners or property owners who are interested in saving money on their energy bills. Solar panels are extremely energy efficient and long-lasting, making them the perfect investment for your home.

A question that many interested homeowners have when it comes to getting solar panels installed is determining how many panels to purchase.

The answer is affected by a few different factors, such as the amount they hope to reduce from their energy bills, how large their home is, and how much energy they typically consume.
Calculate Your Energy Need
The average household in America uses about 909 kWh per month, which equates to 11,000 kWh annually. This means that the average household size would require 28-34 solar panels to completely eradicate their energy bills. An important step for families considering solar panels is to decide whether or not this is important to them when deciding whether or not to install the maximum amount of solar panels on their roof. Ultimately, most solar panel owners decide to install as many panels as possible due to the many long-term benefits that prove the most economical.
Calculate Your Energy Use
When it comes to solar roofing, it is important to consider how much energy your household currently uses. If it happens to be more or less than the annual average for a typical household, then you might want to consider purchasing a corresponding amount of solar panels. This way, you can ensure that you are achieving the desired level of energy efficiency. Different types of solar panels provide different amounts of power, attending to a wide variety of energy needs. These different energy systems typically come in powers of 5 kWh, 10 kWh, and 15 kWh.
Calculate Your Appliances
Another vital calculation to be made is the accumulation of all appliances and energy sources inside of your home and how often they are used. For instance, a bachelor would probably use his lights, stove, and other appliances a great deal less than a family of six. These things need to be accounted for when calculating how much energy your home needs per month and how many solar panels would be sufficient to meet your needs.
If all of the efforts in calculation that are involved to estimate the amount of solar panels that your home requires is unknown or overcomplicated, consider calling a professional team to do the math for you.

Century Roof and Solar, a San Francisco Bay Area solar company can quickly and easily help you in determining the appropriate number of panels for your family.

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