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DIY Home Solar Installation Isn’t Worth the Upfront Savings

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Solar power is an amazing source of energy. It’s clean, enduring, efficient and free. With many DIY solar panel kits on the market, installing your own systems seems like a great project. Unfortunately, these kits don’t include the expertise needed for a successful installation.

Is your home appropriate for solar installation?

Not every home is a good choice for solar energy usage.
You need a specialized engineer to determine:

  • If the sun shines on your roof enough to make solar a viable option;
  • How many solar panels you’ll need to meet your energy usage needs; and
  • Whether your roof can handle the weight of the panels.

The engineer will have the tools, expertise and resources to make these determinations.

Quality and installation matter.

The quality of the panels included in the DIY kits is lower than those installed by professionals, meaning you won’t get the same benefits. Quality panels will reduce your energy bills and pay for themselves quicker.

Solar roofing installation is also critical. The panels must be set at a specific angle for the greatest energy capture. Installation on a flat roof presents challenges, but even pitched roofs might require angle corrections. To install your panels correctly, strongly consider hiring experts who have experience with different roofs and the tools to do the job.

The inverter installation.

The panels convert solar energy into direct current electricity, but your home runs on alternating current. You will need an inverter to convert direct to alternating currents. This is a high-voltage system, and many states and communities require an expert electrician to do this work.

Incentives and rebates.

There are many local, state and federal incentives and rebates available when you convert to solar roofing. These funds are only available when you use a professional installation company.

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Let Century Roof Solar Help with the Installation

DIY isn’t always the best way to save money–and certainly doesn’t save any time. Get the best energy efficiency and take advantage of financial incentives by hiring a qualified solar installation company to convert your roof into an energy-gathering roof. Century Roof and Solar has converted many homes and businesses to solar energy in the Bay Area and beyond. Contact us today via our online contact form or give us a call at (888) 233-7548 to explore the possibilities for your home.

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