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save money on energy bills with solar panels

Although California is quickly progressing towards a future of low carbon emission, concerns have been raised time and again from grid operators with regards to an over-generation of electricity. Such an overt generation leads to energy curtailments, which isn’t beneficial for any involved parties. After all, curtailment are the easy way out, wherein authorities have been lackadaisical in their approach to handling this crisis. Though, all is not lost, yet! There are a number of measures that can be effectively taken.

Effective Measures to Prevent Solar Energy Curtailment

  1. Storage

The government has mooted storing all the excessive 1.3GW of solar energy into some designated storage points. These storage techniques may include, but are not restricted to pumped hydro’s, compressed batteries, air compressors, etc. These measures ensure that excessive usage is accounted for, and could be used in dire times of need, such as during a power grid failure.

  1. Negative Pricing

Eras of negative pricing have been implicated, as the energy companies are to pay up for any excessive generated power, which usually dissuade them from doing so. This barrier is more than enough to prove as a hindrance to any company being way led, and would serve to assist in the correction of any faults, as well as to tow the line.

  1. Energy Balance Across the Markets

CAISO is in talks with other energy markets like PET sound energy and the Arizona energy market to off-load any excessive energy to ensure that these energy deficient markets be provided with the right amount of energy to cater to their energy needs. After all, this is healthy for the growth of America, wouldn’t you agree?

  1. ACC ( Automatic Generation Control )

Also, new technologies that involve putting automatic break triggers on the power-generating grids have also been considered. Such ACC’s would dissuade the generator from procuring any excessive energy beyond a certain point, certainly helping to curtail any energy imbalance.

Because there is much price variation in these such energy-based scenarios, you will need to find some respite. This calls for the setting up of solar panels on your roof. Such a roofing solution will ascertain that you save money on bills, as well as contribute to the environment.

You can save money on energy bills by installing Solar Panels on your Bay Area home

Century Roof & Tile ensures that no heavy equipment is to be required in crafting your home’s self-sufficient energy supply. In addition, the solar panels will generate renewable energy and will not be bogged down by big and burly fixation points. Such roofing is also visually appealing, to ascertain that your home is the envy of onlookers! Also, unlike popular belief, these solar panels do not decrease your home’s affability! Check out our products and services page to see all of our offered services. You can contact us today by calling (888) 233-7548 or by sending a message online using our contact form.

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