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Leaky Roof Repair Tips: Step 1 – Finding The Leak


Counter-intuitive as this may seem, sometimes the hardest part of roof leak repair is identifying the source of the problem. Although you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to get the job done, some sleuthing is often required. For instance, you may see wet patches or even mold growth on your attic ceiling, but the actual leak may be far above or dozens of feet lateral from the damaged area.

Many physical features of a home are likely causes of roof leaks. These include:

  • Ridge cap shingles
  • Flashing
  • Dormer valleys
  • Boots
  • Gaskets
  • Shingles (if they’re missing or damaged)

Finding the Leak

Water reflects light, so the next time it rains, take a flashlight into your attic, and shine it over the ceiling. When you find the water, mark it with a pen.

Look for nails or other objects that may have pierced the roof and caused the leak. Check gaskets and boots as well as the areas identified above as possible sources for the leak. Use the flashlight method to aid the search.

When the weather is dry, leaky roof repair is best done with an assistant. Ask someone to use a hose to wet down the area you believe to be leaking. While they run the hose, you go inside and investigate. Be careful not to over soak the source of the leak to avoid doing additional water damage to the interior.

If, like most modern homeowners, you have insulation installed in the attic or ceiling effected by the leak, you may need to remove several sections to find the leak source, and you will want to remove any damp insulation and replace with dry new insulation to prevent mold and mildew growth. While one section may show obvious water damage, the true source may be above or beside that spot.

Professional Roofing Contractors Help Repair Leaky Roof Problems Fast and Effectively

The longer a leak goes unchecked, the more damage it will cause. Don’t let your leaky roof go without repair for long, or you’ll likely be dealing with a bigger repair expense than you started with. The Century Roof & Tile team offers expert roof leak detection for Bay Area homeowners, townhome associations, commercial property owners, and property management companies. We can find the source of your leak and repair the roof to stop the problem. Call us today at (510) 780-9489 or contact us online to arrange to meet with one of our professional roof repair experts and send the next rain storm down the drains.

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