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East Bay Roofing Company Explains 5 Causes of Roof Leaks


To protect the inside of your home, you must repair roof leaks immediately. However, before you can repair a leak, you need to find the cause. Below are five of the most common problems that require roof leak repair.

1. Clogged gutters.
If you notice leaves or other debris protruding from your Bay Area gutters, this should alert you to the need to clean them out. Odds are high that they are clogged or nearly so. This backlog can cause water to back up and seep under the roof’s shingles and over the sides which can cause more problems for your foundation, windows, doors, and more. Fix clogged gutters by cleaning out debris and identifying and repairing any damage done by the clutter already.

2. Incorrect skylight installation.
When skylights aren’t properly installed, water often leaks from the sides of the skylights. Correcting the fit of the skylight or re-insulating the edges will typically solve the problem.

3. Roof valleys aren’t sealed.
In areas where roof planes meet, proper sealing is essential. If the area isn’t properly sealed, you will notice wet spots along the roof’s seam, initially you may only notice this from inside an attic, so it may be difficult or impossible to identify until things get worse. Fixing improperly-sealed roofing on you own is not recommended, given the mechanical complexity of the project, so call a professional if you suspect this type of leak.

4. Broken shingles.
Missing or broken shingles are usually obvious. If you notice problems with your shingles, remove damaged shingles and replace them with new ones. Scour surrounding areas for other weak or damaged shingles, and identify the source of the damage (e.g. a leak several feet away), so you can solve the problem at its root. Any time you have a leak you should ensure that any rotten wood is replaced before reapplying shingles.

5. Cracked flashing.
When the thin pieces of metal beneath your shingles crack, water will seep through. If you notice cracks in your flashing, you must replace it or risk much more costly damage and inconvenience.

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