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If you consider solar energy a simple figment of the imagination, derived from a few off-keel scholars in the country’s fringe academic institutions, you are mistaken. Research finds that the daily solar potential that hits the earth can fully replace what we consume (from oil, coal, natural gas) in a year. Incredibly, we still have not yet begun to realize solar’s massive societal implications for both our job markets and government tax revenues.

The limitless potential of solar energy

Telling figures

Scientists argue that if we could harness just 0.03% of the sun’s energy that reaches the world, society would possess a power source to serve the world for eternity. Apart from this obvious abundance and reliability advantage, we would have at our disposal a form of energy that is clean, natural and inexhaustible. Put simply, a vibrant solar industry would completely usurp the existing energy consortium, rendering it a fringe operative in the energy field.

The buzz surrounding solar energy is understandable; it’s easy to use, incredibly cheap to harvest, and is present everywhere, from oceans to deserts, open fields to rooftops. Solar’s power is truly limitless, and this is why money is pouring in to finance investors’ solar powered project initiatives.

The inspiring case of Virginia

Between 2015 and 2016, The Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census recently announced that Virginia’s solar jobs spiked 65%. Given the fact that Virginia is hardly atop the US’ top per capita states (it ranks 33rd), this is a massive uptick. Furthermore, this spike occurred in a state whose economy is deeply rooted in coal mining. The rise resonated in all areas of Virginia’s economy: from its research & development to its manufacturing, distribution, installation and sales sectors. As a result of this statewide solar embrace, the market responded aggressively. Specifically, as of 2016, there were 177 solar firms working out of Virginia. Also, solar jobs rose 53 times quicker than the state’s regular economy.

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