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rain drops on bay area solar roofing

Bay Area Solar Roofing Maintenance

Solar panels can save homeowners money on their utility bills as well as allow them to live an eco-friendly lifestyle that supports the environment. Just like any other part of a home, solar panels need to be carefully maintained and inspected regularly to ensure that they are working properly. Make sure that you know how to care for your solar panels and tiles throughout the year and through different weather types.

General Maintenance

Throughout any season and any type of weather, it’s important to take care of your solar panels to ensure that they stay in tip top shape. They should be cleaned regularly, either by you or a Bay Area solar company. If you choose to maintain your solar tiles on your own, take care to avoid scratching them or leaving behind soapy film. Use a hose to gently spray water onto the panels, making sure to completely rinse them if any soap is used. You can also purchase a long-armed scrubbing tool to reach the panels from a ladder, but only a soft brush should be used.

Windy Weather

Solar panels are designed to hold up in virtually any weather, no matter how inclement. However, high winds do pose a threat to solar panels due to the chance of large debris being thrown around. If something large enough hits one of your panels with enough force, it is possible that it may become cracked or dislodged. In the event that a bad storm with heavy winds occurs, make sure to inspect your roof for damage immediately after so that any issues can be fixed as soon as possible.

Rainy Weather

Heavy rain can actually be good for your solar panels because it can serve as a free power washing. Solar panels that have been properly installed should not be affected by rain. If rain washes debris onto the panels, take care to remove anything that might be obstructing the panels from working to their fullest potential. Even though a problem due to rain is rare, it is still a good idea to inspect your roof and solar panels after a big storm for potential cracks or leaks so that you can catch a potential problem and report it to a roofing professional before it gets worse.

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It’s rare that your solar panels will need repair, but accidents do happen, especially when extreme weather conditions are involved. A professional company is absolutely necessary when dealing with something as important and valuable as your roof and solar panels & tiles. Century Roof and Solar is an experienced and trusted company that specializes in Bay Area solar repair and solar roofing installation. Contact us today to take care of your solar panel maintenance and repair needs!

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