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Solar Roofing Maintenance Tips

Ask any Bay Area roofing contractor and they will all agree that solar panels are very durable and hard to break. That being said, damage can occur in certain situations that solar panel owners should be aware of. The top instances to watch out for are inclement weather, extreme temperature changes, and mishandling of the panels. As always, solar roof leak repair and solar panel maintenance should be left to professionals to avoid any unintentional damage or issues.

Inclement weather
One of the most common causes of breaks in solar panels come as a result of bad weather. Instances of high winds and heavy storms can cause the solar panels to crack. If debris, sticks and rocks are being tossed around during bad weather, they could easily hit the panels and damage them. Lightning can also be problematic if it strikes the panels directly, or if it happens to strike a structure or tree that could fall onto the roof and break the panels. Trees surrounding your home and roof pose a threat during dangerous weather because they could be pushed over or fall. To prevent damage caused by storms, make sure that all overhanging tree branches are removed and storm precautions are taken.

Extreme temperature changes
Temperature changes such as extreme cold or very hot weather that comes on very suddenly can cause too much pressure on the solar panels. When spraying with water to clean, make sure the water used is a moderate temperature to be safe. Be aware of when the weather is predicted to change and contact a roofing professional for advice on preventative measures.

Mishandling the panels
Damage can also come to your solar panels when they are mishandled by non-professionals. They should not be walked on as damage may occur on the inside, causing long-lasting and unseen problems. They should also not be pushed on or moved around by anyone other than a trained roofing professional who is familiar with solar roof repair and maintenance. To avoid any problems associated with mistreated solar panels, do not handle them unless very confident in your roofing knowledge.

Contact Century Roof & Solar for Bay Area Solar Roofing Installation or Repair

It is always best to contact a seasoned team of solar roofing experts, especially when it comes to handling something as important as your roof and solar panels. In the event of one of the above issues occurring with your roof or solar panels, Century Roof and Solar are professional Bay Area roofing contractors that you can count on to repair your panels. Contact our team today at (510) 780-9489 or fill out our online contact form here.

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