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Scientists Work to Make Green Solar Power More Affordable

Solar Power improvements at Stanford Bay Area

The demand for affordable solar energy has driven researchers to find efficient, low-cost materials for solar panels. Stanford scientists believe they’ve found an answer in improved perovskite.

What is Perovskite?

Perovskite consists of artificial crystalline structures that can be formed from many materials. Hybrid perovskites made of lead, iodine or bromine, and organic compounds tend to be very inexpensive, and they have many applications. Initial studies using these crystalline structures for solar tiles were disappointing, resulting in only a 3.8% efficiency in sunlight absorption. However, scientists believed there was a possibility for greater improvement, and they continued pushing their research goals.

Perovskite Under Pressure

Stanford researchers, working to find solar solutions that will improve upon existing technology, recently discovered that applying external pressure, either physical or chemical, to perovskite dramatically improves its effectiveness as a solar power tool. Some tests showed a 20% sunlight absorption efficiency – on par with currently available silicon cells. When different pressures are applied to the crystals, scientists can control the wavelength of absorbed light.

What this Means for Solar Power

Layering perovskite over silicone allows more light to be absorbed into the cells. This process improves efficiency and lowers the costs of generating electricity. Current silicone cells alone produce energy at a cost of 50 cents per watt. The combined cells will be able to produce a watt of energy for just 35 cents.

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