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Solar Energy Roofing and Wind Power to Supply More Energy than Shale

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After decades of struggle, the Solar Revolution is finally beginning to bear fruit and reshape how everyday Americans think about energy and what they expect from power companies.
Independent surveys and analyses confirm that solar and wind power revolutions are (finally) changing the game in a meaningful way. Sometime in the near future, these renewable energy sources will replace fossil fuels. Instead of connecting to the grid, homeowners will install solar energy roofing. Rather than purchasing gasoline, drivers will recharge their vehicles at home.

Although this bright future hasn’t arrived yet, recent reports from Goldman Sachs Group Inc indicate that this day may come sooner than we think. According to Goldman Sachs, the energy produced by solar tiles and wind turbines in the next five years will exceed the amount that was produced by U.S. shale oil over the past five years. (Think about how amazing that is! Unthinkable – even 10 years ago.)

During this time, experts anticipate that renewable energy resources will produce the equivalent in energy output of 6.2 million barrels of oil per day.

Getting Onboard

Although renewable energy innovators still face a number of regulatory obstacles and engineering issues, wind turbine and solar roofing installations are on the rise. If you’ve been on the fence about installing an alternative energy system, now is the time to act. Up front costs have been driven down as competition rises and innovators find new and better ways to produce solar panels that convert sunlight to energy more effectively while lasting longer and costing less to own and maintain.

Solar Tile Installations are Simple with the Right Roofing Contractor

Whether you’re excited to join the solar revolution for environmental reasons, or you’re “solar curious” because you want to save on energy costs now and for the foreseeable future, you probably have lots of questions about the process. The Century Roof and Solar team has helped numerous Bay Area residents like you slash their energy bills and get clarity about their options; call (888) 233-7548 or contact us for a consultation right here from our website.

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