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Add Healthy, Natural Light to Your Bay Area Home with Skylight Installation

Bay Area Skylight Installation

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If you’re considering roofing repair or replacement consider adding skylights or replacing your existing skylights as part of the process. Skylights allow natural light to enter and illuminate darker rooms, and using natural light is environmentally friendly, free, and good for your health.

1. Healthy, Natural Light
The way artificial light reflects off interior walls can cause glares and uneven lighting. Skylights help maintain the balance between artificial lighting and natural light, contributing to elimination of glares and smoothing interior lighting. In addition to creating a more attractive, naturally lit interior space, sunlight has been shown to help regulate vitamin D levels and lead to more energy during the day and more restful sleep at night and possibly helping to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

2. Energy Savings
Since skylights let in optimal daylight as the sun passes over the home, they also cut down on energy costs. Skylight installation can reduce lighting costs and energy usage, and some brands even qualify homeowners for tax incentives for skylight installation. In the warmer months, skylights offer an extra way to ventilate a room without having to use a fan or air conditioning, while in cooler months the heat can contribute to warming the home with the windows shut. These small cost savings can add up over the years and decades to offset the costs of installation.

3. Install Anywhere
Homeowners who want to bring life into a tiny room or who want natural light without sacrificing privacy can have roofing contractors install a skylight in even the smallest of spaces. So called “sun tunnels,” for instance, can bring in natural sunlight to places like closets and small bathrooms, foyers, and halls. They can be installed in roofing sections that normally wouldn’t accommodate a skylight. Generally, skylights offer both light and privacy, which is why many homeowners opt for skylights in the bathroom.

Let the California Sun Shine in to Your Bay Area Abode

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