The Problem

Over Three Billion dollars have been wasted nationally in recent years by homeowners making the wrong roofing decisions.

Whether you choose to work with our company or not, Century Roof & Solar is committed to educating all prospective clients on the multiple aspects roofing installation, so they can avoid hassles that can occur when choosing a qualified Roofing Contractor you can trust.

This is why we say Century is Your Trusted Name in Roofing™.

Little Known Roofing Facts:

  • Roofing Contractors are the highest complaint category with the Better Business Bureau.
  • 80% of roofing contractors nationally are out of business in 2-1/2 years.  Yet the average problem surfaces 5 years after installation. (After the wear-in period).
  • Roofing is only 4% of a new home’s construction cost budget, yet issues raised after construction are related to roofing 70% of the time.


Ok so how do I choose a contractor?

Here are the contractor types you are likely to encounter.

Pickup Pete:

The truck door slammer we all love to hate. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Reliability None
Insurance None
Warranty Tail light warranty. “If you can catch me, I might respond.” Warranty lasts as long as you see my tail lights, as I drive off.
Payment Terms Cash Only
Trade Org & Factory Cert None, but the Alameda court system has been looking for him for years.


Average Joe Roofing:

Appears professional and clean on the surface. Statistics show, however, that he will be out of business in 5 years. Gets in over his head and can’t keep commitments reliably. Some make it, most won’t. Risky but might work.

Reliability Marginal
Insurance Workers-comp only. Good for him, does nothing for you!
Warranty Sometimes up to five years on workmanship. “But will my company be around in 5 years? I’m not sure.” Factory warranty may be applicable if the roof is installed right.
Payment Terms Cash Only
Trade Org & Factory Cert None, but the Alameda court system has been looking for him for years.


World-Class Roofing Company

A professional accredited roofing company who is building trust in our community, one customers at a time.

Reliability Always on time! Always professional.
Insurance Workers-comp and $1 Million liability insurance.
Warranty Published/In writing: 10 Yr. workmanship and full factory warranties.
Payment Terms Cash/Check

Credit Card

100% financing

90-day, same as cash

Trade Org & Factory Cert Master Elite GAF Diamond Cert.


Western States Roofing Contractors Assoc. Member

Named best installer of Monier Lifetiles roof materials in the United States.

Master Elite Factory Certification from GAF, the largest manufacturer of composition shingles in North America (less than 2% of roofing contractors nationally are Master Elite contractors).



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