About Us

Century Roof & Solar, Inc. is a leading roofing contractor and PV (photovoltaic) solar solution provider in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We strive to deliver the highest quality roof assembly and solar solutions for every customer. We take a systems approach to re-roofing, so that every component that goes into your roof is designed to work together efficient and durably as a system.

Our business is customer service driven.  We believe that by providing the highest quality materials and customer service, one roof or solar installation will create another through referral networking by our satisfied customers.

We provide quality, reliable, on time results! Our roofing work will provide you with guaranteed, award winning customer satisfaction.

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License and Insurance

When you choose Century Roof & Solar you are choosing a trusted qualified roofing contractor who is committed to the highest quality of service and integrity. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, all to protect you the consumer.

License # 721502

C-39 HIC Home Improvement Contractor
C-10 Electrical Contractor

Bond # 04WB097552


Workers Compensation Insurance

Policy Number: 9211720


We are insured as a roofing contractor for $1,000,000.00. Our Certificate of Insurance is available at any time for your review.

To review Century Roof and Solar active roofing contractors license and learn more about California’s construction laws and classifications, go to the Contractors’ License Board.


Ten-year workmanship warranty on every roof installed. Materials per manufacturers’ warranty.