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Complete Residential and Commercial Bay Area Solar Repairs & Roof Repairs

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  • Gutter Cleaning
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Roof repair and maintenance is not only essential to extending the life of your existing roof, but can also save you money by protecting the interior of your home or business.

Century Roof and Solar repairs all types of roofs, with all types of problems, from tiles with leaks, missing shingles, damaged gutters, solar components and more. We conduct comprehensive roof inspections and make economically sound recommendations for roof repairs, maintenance and replacement.

Call before your roof starts leaking. Contact us today to schedule a Roof Inspection.

Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning and Inspections

An essential part of maintaining your solar system is keeping the solar panels clean of dirt, dust and other environmental substance build-up, such as bird dropping.

An annual inspection and solar panel cleaning will ensure that the electricity production of your system is not compromised.

The maintenance team at Century Roof and Solar is experienced in cleaning solar panel arrays on homes, businesses and large ground mount systems, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. While cleaning the solar panels we perform a visual inspection of the solar array to look for any problems that could compromise the efficiency of the system.

Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

It is important that gutters be properly maintained to avoid costly damage to your roof, and possible dry rot to the wood behind the gutters.

Without proper maintenance gutters can rust away or deteriorate making it necessary to replace the entire gutter system.

Century Roof & Solar Bay Area gutter cleaning and maintenance services include:

  • Remove all debris off your roof
  • Remove all the debris in your gutters
  • Drain all gutters and downspouts
  • Reseal gutter seams if needed
  • Reattach downspouts and gutters where needed
  • After cleaning we can install gutter screens to stop future debris clogs

What We Service

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