Solar Installation


Installation of Enphase Battery Storage
Installation of Enphase Battery Storage

Century Roof and Solar, Inc. has been a leader in the solar industry, working with solar-tile powered roofing since 1996.

We install both residential and commercial solar systems. We have experience working with standard housing solar roof installations to large scale commercial facility solar integrations.

How do we stand out?Unlike other solar roofing competitors, we are licensed as a C10 electrical contractor and C39 roofing contractor.

Our team has had extensive training with building integrated photovoltaics and has been certified to install the most complex solar integrated systems.

Installation of Span Smart Panel
Installation of Span Smart Panel

As a premier SunPower dealer, we design and install the highest quality solar panels, meeting the most rigorous standards for performance and reliability. When Century Roof & Solar professionally installs solar panels by SunPower, you have the highest quality, long-lasting solar system for your home, business or organization.

Whether your motivations are economic, environmental, or independence related, you can’t go wrong with a customized solar solution designed by our company. We are here to help & provide you with an excellent service.


Think Green. Go Solar!


Why Choose Us For Solar

  • Solar Leader Since 1996
  • C10 Electrical Contractor
  • C39 Roofing Contractor
  • Well Trained & Certified

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Solar Power is the most Economical and Environmental way to provide Clean, Renewable, and Reliable Energy

Here are several reasons why you should invest in a solar energy solution


Environmental Motivations

Our energy demands are unsustainable using current energy generation trends as we consume the finite resources that these trends demand. In addition, the burning of coal and oil, the two most common of ways of generating power currently, are major contributors to global warming. We don’t have much time to integrate a new solution. With a solar energy installation, you become part of that solution. Solar energy is a truly “green” energy source producing zero emissions and is rapidly receiving world-wide attention as the leading alternative energy solution.


Independence Motivations

After the initial cost of your array, you can very possibly be generating enough power from your solar installation to maintain complete independence from your grid power utility. Wow. Battery backup options mean that you can rely on continuous power even at night or during a utility power outage.

Be off the grid. Be your own power source.


Reliability Motivations

With no moving parts, a solar system requires no spare parts, uses no fuel and is virtually maintenance free. Combine this with an amazing 4 decade lifespan and you have an unparalleled energy solution.

With longevity, No other alternative can even compare.


Financial Motivations

You will be generating free energy long after you have paid off your system. In many cases, even financing a solar installation will cost you less than what you already pay to your power utility.

Free Energy. This can cost less than what you pay now.