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10 Key Questions About Commercial Solar Power

The adoption and use of commercial solar power in the United States has boomed in the last ten years. Commercial property owners large and small are adding solar power to their buildings to achieve energy savings. They also seek to attract tenants who prefer leasing in green properties. They start by working with an experienced Bay Area solar power contractor and reliable solar system manufacturers with strong workmanship guarantees.

Buildings With Commercial Solar Power Now Sought by Tenants

Installing solar power on commercial buildings has significant benefits. Solar system installations can significantly reduce energy bills. They also contribute to reducing greenhouse gasses and the nation’s carbon footprint. And finally, they increase commercial property values. Solar power improves the image of a business as being eco-friendly. Solar power systems are also low maintenance.

10 Key Questions to Ask About Commercial Power Systems

When considering the adoption of solar power systems for commercial buildings, ask these questions:

  1. Is my building a good fit for solar power? It is standard practice for solar system installers to provide a professional evaluation of your site that covers a long list of relevant factors.
  2. Will my solar power system generate power on rainy or cloudy days? Generally, yes. The amount of cloud covers determines how much less power they generate. And, with solar storage batteries included the system evens out power availability. And, of course, Northern California has hundreds of sunny days.
  3. Do I have to go off-grid when going to solar power? In most cases, buildings use both solar power and the normal grid system.
  4. What solar solutions are available for commercial use? Bay Area solar power contractors like Century Roof and Solar can provide a range of effective options for commercial building use.
  5. What size of system should I use for my building? As part of the evaluation mentioned in point 1, we will calculate the size and configuration you need to meet your energy production goals.
  6. How will I bill tenants? Using electric metering, as you likely do already, you can bill tenants based on their use.
  7. How much upfront capital will be needed? That will depend on the size of system installed. Also, there are alternatives to outright purchase that we review during the initial evaluation.
  8. How much will I save on my energy bills? Data indicates that commercial building owners can save up to 75 percent after switching to solar power.
  9. Are tax incentives available? Yes, and we can take you through all that information.
  10. Who will handle maintenance? Solar power systems are very low maintenance, but as a qualified Hayward roofing and solar company we can provide the minimal annual maintenance that is needed. It is critical to select a certified roofing and solar contractor who understands the entire roof and solar system to offer the best service.

Choose an Expert Commercial Solar System Contractor

Contact Century Roof and Solar, based in Hayward, CA for your commercial solar and roofing solutions. Since 1996, Century Roof and Solar has served the Bay Area as the premier roofing and solar panel systems provider. We also work with on and off-grid battery backup systems.