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Enduring Drought Makes Solar Power Indispensible

Continuing droughts have strained California’s hydropower resources, making the move to commercial and residential solar power all that more imperative. Last year (2020) was the third driest on record and this year has been hotter and drier than many others. That means that the 1,500 reservoirs providing water and power to the state are about 50% lower than they should be at this time of year. These conditions suggest that residents and businesses are correct in making the rapid adoption of solar power a priority.

Why is Expanding Solar Power Critical in California?

According to the California Energy Commission, the top 3 sources of electric power in California in 2020 were: Natural gas (37%,) Hydro (14%,) and Solar (13%.) Of these, the most distributed is solar power. As a professional Bay Area solar power contractor, we see this trend accelerating already. We have installed hundreds of solar systems for homes and businesses over the last few years.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Power?

Solar power offers the benefits of providing renewable and unlimited power. Solar panels produce no pollution once in place. And while they have environmental costs due to manufacture and construction of the panels, that cost is spread over many years of service. It therefore saves money and the environment compared to fossil fuel energy sources.

Solar panels also contain no moving parts, so they last a long time. And they make no noise. So, solar power is economical in the long run. In the short run, it reduces power bills, it can take advantage of net metering, and it can obtain government tax credits. Solar power is also reliable. An expert East Bay solar power installation service can provide a complete review of your solar power and all these benefits.

How to Plan a Home Energy System with Solar Power

Installing solar power is a highly effective method of reducing energy bills, and an upgrade to anyone’s home that will payoff for many years to come. The process is simple, too:

  1. Investigate your home energy efficiency
  2. Assess the potential of solar energy for your home based on its location, roof surface, nearby shade trees, any HOA restrictions, and the age of the roof
  3. Estimate your solar energy needs
  4. Get site assessments from solar panel installation companies
  5. Understand available financing and incentives
  6. Work with your Bay Area solar power contractor to schedule and carry out installation

certified Hayward Roofing company will do professional solar panel installation with their proven expertise. They will handle all paperwork and permits and will provide an installation warranty.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Solar Power Contractor

Contact Century Roof and Solar, based in Hayward, CA for your roofing and solar energy solutions. Since 1996, Century Roof and Solar has served the Bay Area as the premier roofing and solar panel systems provider.  We work with on and off-grid battery backup systems.