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Gutter Maintenance Tips for Winter

Gutter maintenance is important all year long, but most especially during Winter months when debri and storms can cause issues with drainage.

Keep a Look Out for Gutter Repairs this Winter

Gutter repairs and maintenance are always important for the health of your roof, and that especially applies to the winter months that have more storms. Proper gutter maintenance can prevent issues that are common in the winter such as flooding from severe weather. You can even perform much of this maintenance yourself, although you might need to contact gutter repair services near you to deal with some more challenging repairs or if the weather makes things too dangerous.

Clearing Debris

The easiest and perhaps most important gutter maintenance task that you can perform throughout the year is clearing debris from your gutters. Leaves and twigs that block your gutters will always be a problem. Check your gutters frequently and make sure that they are clear of anything that could stop the flow of water.

Checking Your Downspouts

You can’t always tell whether or not your downspouts are clear, so use a hosepipe to pour water down them. If the water doesn’t flow, you might have a blockage that needs to be cleared out. This can be done yourself with a ladder and a trowel. Again, if this seems like it would be too difficult or too dangerous for you to do by yourself, contact a company offering gutter repairs in the Bay Area to take care of it instead.

Check for Damage

Finally, check for damage in your gutters regularly. These checks should be done regularly throughout the year, but damage is more likely to occur when your gutters are placed under the stress of storms during the winter. If your gutters are coming apart at the seams or you notice any cracks or holes, contact a company that offers gutter repair services in your area and make repairs before the weather gets severe again.

Know When to Call In Expert Gutter Repair Services

Dealing with any part of your roof can be dangerous, and that includes your gutters. If you notice that you need any gutter repairs in the East Bay area, contact Century Roof and Solar as soon as possible. Our friendly staff will be able to answer your questions and help make any repairs to your gutters that might be necessary.