Bay Area new roof installation

7 Signs You Need Bay Area New Roof Installation

All the roofing elements can be professionally installed by experienced East Bay roof repair services.

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Solar Roof Contractors on How to Avoid Solar Damage

Installing solar panels on your roof is a great way to save money on your energy bills and live a greener lifestyle, but finding someone who specializes in solar photovoltaic system repairs can be difficult.

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Emergency East Bay Roof Repair Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

When you need roof repair services in the East Bay, make Century Roof and Solar your contractor. Here are signs that your roof needs an East Bay roof repair contractor.

East Bay Gutter Repair

Signs You May Need East Bay Gutter Repair

When gutters aren’t installed correctly or haven’t been well-maintained, you may need to replace the gutters. Watch out for these problems with professional gutter installation in the Bay Area.

Century Rood and Solar Power Bay Area

Why Solar Roof Systems Are a Wise Investment For The Future

Solar roofing systems can lower your energy bills, increase home value, and so much more.

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When is Bay Area gutter installation the Right Solution?

East Bay roof builders can install an attractive and long-lasting new gutters

New roof installation in the Bay Area

Repair or Replace? Do I Need a New Roof Installation?

New roof installation in the Bay Area is expensive. If you’re like most homeowners, you want to get the most out of your roof before replacing it.

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Do I Need to Replace My Gutters When I Get a New Roof? 

When roof problems arise, or when a new roof is needed, it is important to call an expert Bay Area roof repair specialist to get the work done right.

New roof installation in the Bay Area

Should You Replace Roof Decking When You Replace Your Roof 

Does your roof decking need to be replaced? When roofing problems are suspected, it is time to call a professional East Bay roof repair services.

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Most Commonly Occurring Solar Roof Repairs

Contact Century Roof and Solar for the best roof and solar services in the Bay Area from design and installation to repairs and maintenance.