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Clean Your Gutters This Summer While Debris is Dry

Cleaning gutters is not a top-of-mind task for Bay Area homeowners. Even so, gutter cleaning is a real necessity to maintain a problem-free undamaged home. If you have significant concerns for the health of your roof or need help with the regular maintenance of the roof gutters, call an expert Bay Area gutter maintenance service.

What Are the Causes of Roof Damage?

A problem-free roof protects an entire house from the elements and provides a safe, comfortable living structure. Yet, roofs and their associated components, including gutters, may age or have other problems. This damage compromises their ability to protect your home. Harsh weather conditions like intense sunshine, rain, wind, and hail all wear down gutters over time. Other problems include overgrown trees, an accumulation of leaves, and nests created by animals and pests. Possible issues from poor roof design, cracked vents, and cracked flashing also wear on your roofs and gutters. Most commonly, gutters and downspouts that are filled with debris and that don’t drain properly cause water backups that can create rotting areas on a roof.

Why is it Important to Clean Gutters?

It is quite simple. A roof gutter system directs the flow of water off a roof. If the gutter system is sagging, broken, filled with debris, or just doesn’t drain properly, water can impact the roof, walls, foundation, and the landscape. Unrepaired, these issues lead to costly roof or wall repairs. Don’t let problems cost big money. Call an expert East Bay-based gutter cleaning service instead.

Signs That Your Gutters May Need to be Repaired or Replaced

If you see these signs of gutter wear or damage, call a qualified gutter repair service near me:

  • Multiple broken fasteners
  • Many cracks, holes, or rust spots in the gutters
  • Gutter sections separated so that there is not a continuous channel
  • Gutters pulling away from the roof
  • Sagging gutters or gutters installed at the wrong angle so water doesn’t flow correctly
  • Water spilling over the gutters during a rainstorm
  • Peeling exterior paint near the gutter

What Does it Take to Maintain Gutters?

Healthy gutters need a regular maintenance schedule, typically in the Spring and in the Fall. Rely on us to check and repair all aspects of a gutter system, including downspouts. We will also clean out all accumulated debris so that water flows off the roof evenly. For all roofing issues, it is important to use a certified roofing contractor.

Choose a Professional Hayward Roofing Company

Contact Century Roof and Solar, your certified roofing contractor for expert installation, roof repair service, and maintenance. Century Roof and Solar takes a systems approach to roofing, delivering high-quality roofing solutions for every home and commercial building.