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Solar Panel Inspections and Repairs

By converting the sun’s rays into electricity, solar panels provide a wonderful renewable source of energy for homes and businesses. Although these units are manufactured to withstand the impact of mother nature, they still get damaged. Broken glass (from rocks, […] continue reading ›

New roof installation in the Bay Area

Repair or Replace? Do I Need a New Roof Installation?

New roof installation in the Bay Area is expensive. If you’re like most homeowners, you want to get the most out of your roof before replacing it.

SunVault Battery System

Solar Battery Storage a Great Homeowner Benefit

Thousands of homes across the United States and in California are adding solar power with solar battery storage every year. It allows people to “go green,” and get off the grid. Plus, with battery storage they can survive power outages […] continue reading ›

Solar Photovoltaic System Installation

Get Roof Repairs Done This Summer and Fall

Having a good roof protects the contents, and value, of homes and commercial buildings. The roof provides protection for the structure itself. And a good roof enhances the exterior appeal and value of a home or commercial structure. It also contributes significantly […] continue reading ›

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Clean Your Gutters This Summer While Debris is Dry

Cleaning gutters is not a top-of-mind task for Bay Area homeowners. Even so, gutter cleaning is a real necessity to maintain a problem-free undamaged home. If you have significant concerns for the health of your roof or need help with […] continue reading ›

New Roof Bay Area Home Century Roof and Solar

A Good-Looking New Roof Adds Curb Appeal to Bay Area Homes

Bay Area homeowners thinking about installing a new roof should know that a clean, good looking, well-maintained roof adds a lot of value to a home. A good-looking roof improves “curb appeal,” which makes the home easier to sell and […] continue reading ›

Century Rood and Solar Power Bay Area

Should You Wait for Solar Panel Prices to Drop?

Solar power is no longer a distant dream for California homeowners. As many as 10 million American homes and buildings now have solar power. And that number continues to increase as solar panel costs and solar system costs decrease. Why […] continue reading ›

Century Roof and Solar Panel Installation Alamo

Should You Install Solar Panels on an Old Roof?

Congratulations if you are one of the many Bay Area homeowners who are adopting solar power. One big element of installing solar power is assessing the condition of the roof that will have to support it! Roofs don’t last forever. […] continue reading ›

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Solar Power Popular for Commercial Buildings

Solar power is expanding on commercial as well as residential buildings. The cost of solar arrays come down and more property owners seek green solutions. But there are complex aspects to installing commercial solar solutions that do not arise in […] continue reading ›

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How to Compare Solar Panels

Hundreds of Bay Area homeowners across the United States are adding solar panels to their homes to tap the sun’s energy. And it can be a smart investment with rising electric rates from PG&E. In addition, in California all new […] continue reading ›