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Five Ways New Gutters Protect Your Home and Make It More Appealing

It is hard to remember in the heat and smoke of August and September that the rainy season will arrive (we hope) in about two months. And once it rains, all kinds of roofing problems are going to announce their presence. This includes issues with your gutters, which could be clogged or damaged, or simply reaching the end of their useful lives.

Inspect Gutters for Damage and Debris before the Bay Area Rainy Season

Homeowners can achieve two goals by fixing or replacing gutter systems. They protect a home’s roof and walls from water damage by sluicing rain water away from the house. And they improve the “curb appeal” of their home with attractive, properly installed gutters.

Good Gutters Protect Homes from Costly Water Damage

You should consider installing the right kind of rain gutter for your type of roof to keep your homes roof and walls protected from the damage wind and rain can do. To avoid paying exorbitant repair costs down the road, here are five tips from an East Bay roofing contractor.

Five Factors to keep in mind when choosing new gutters

1. Sectional or seamless gutters

This should be a fairly be an easy factor to consider. Sectional gutters that require connections between sections are inexpensive but have a reputation for developing leaky joints over time as they expand and contract with changing temperatures, especially now that we have more summer heat waves. Seamless gutters are much less likely to leak and can be custom-fitted according to your roof’s shape and size. Eliminate the joints between sections!

2. Choice of Material

Next, you have to decide what kind of material to use for your gutters. Here are some options:

  • Galvanized steel: Highly durable and can remain rust-free for 20 years or more.
  • Vinyl: Least expensive and has low durability. Only good for a quick fix.
  • Aluminium: Fairly inexpensive, rustproof, light in weight, more durable than vinyl, and gives you a choice of colors.
  • Copper: Is a highly durable material that is also rustproof. Prone to acquiring a greenish patina with age. Depending on the design of your home, copper gutters could add considerable visual appeal.

3. K-Style or U-Shape Gutters

Gutters come in a trough shape (K-style) or in half-round shape (U-shape). Most modern households have the K-style gutter owing to its contemporary shape, whereas people wanting a more historical look go for the U-shape. As far as roof drainage is concerned, both are equally useful. So the choice is entirely aesthetic.

4. Gutter Sizing

Gutter sizing involves estimating how much rain the gutters will have to handle during a typical Bay Area winter storm. In other words, “how much gutter do you need?” We recommend working with a professional or doing more research in this aspect before proceeding with Bay Area gutter installations.

5. Gutter Protection Against Debris Collection

It is always a great idea to include gutter leaf guards in the system as they can prevent clogging by keeping leaves, seeds, and other debris out of the way. These items come in many names, including gutter guards, gutter screens, leaf guards, etc.

For help with Bay Area gutter installations, contact Century Roof & Solar

Installing a rain gutter by yourself is not easy, and could end up costing as much as working with a professional installer. For a gutter installation that will last, hire an expert Bay Area roofing contractor to do the work for you. Contact us online 24/7 or call our office at 1-888-233-7548.