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How to Maintain Skylights on Bay Area Homes

Skylights can be a great thing to have or to add to the roof of your home. They bring more natural light into the home. Skylights also save on energy costs by reducing the need for interior electric lighting. In addition, they can make a room look bigger, enhancing the look and feel of a room. This also increases the value of a home! However, skylight leaks are among the most common causes of roof leaks, so take the needed steps to properly maintain roof skylights to protect your home. And when repairs are needed, be sure to call an expert East Bay roof and skylight repair service.

What Can Cause Skylights to Leak?

Skylights leaks can be caused by roof damage such as falling tree branches. An aging roof structure can also develop gaps that allow water to migrate into the house around the skylight. Skylight leaks can occur due to damaged or missing flashing, condensation problems due to too much humidity and poor ventilation, and in general, by poor roof maintenance. Thus, it is important to know how to prevent skylight leaks before water starts seeping in!

How to Prevent Skylight Leaks

A key way to prevent skylight leaks is to conduct seasonal inspections using an expert Hayward roofing company. We will look for damage to the skylight itself, and inspect its flashings for signs of any damage or deterioration. We will also check the roofing materials around the skylight for any damage or deterioration.

Consistent roofing maintenance is also an important way to prevent leaks. That includes removing any debris from the roof, keeping mold and algae off the roof, and keeping the gutters clear and free-flowing to prevent damaging water backups.

It is also valuable to ensure that the inside of the home around the skylight has adequate ventilation to protect it from damaging condensation.

In case any roofing damage or skylight leaks occur, a professional Bay Area roofing contractor can remedy the issues.

How to Maintain Skylights on Bay Area Homes

Here’s how to maintain your skylights:

  1. Regularly inspect skylights for leaks that can occur from cracks in the skylight material or from its flashing. Keep tree branches away from the roof that may damage the roof itself or the skylights.
  2. If you identify some leaks, you can temporarily fix them with some roof flashing cement.
  3. Keep the skylights clean by routinely washing them with a mild solution of soap or detergent.

Choose a Professional Bay Area Roofing Contractor

Contact Century Roof and Solar, your certified roofing contractor for expert roof repair service and installation. Century Roof and Solar takes a full systems approach to roofing, delivering high-quality roofing solutions. This flows from workmanship down to the quality of every component.