Bay Area new roof installation

7 Signs You Need Bay Area New Roof Installation

All the roofing elements can be professionally installed by experienced East Bay roof repair services.

Century Rood and Solar Power Bay Area

Why Solar Roof Systems Are a Wise Investment For The Future

Solar roofing systems can lower your energy bills, increase home value, and so much more.

Damaged and old roofing shingles on a house

Winter Rains Make Old Roofs Leak

Bay Area winter rains are tough on old roofs. And, because your roof protects you, your home and your possessions from wind and rain, you need to keep that old roof properly patched. Make sure your roof is in good […] continue reading ›

Century Roof and Solar Skylight Installations

How to Maintain Skylights on Bay Area Homes

Skylights can be a great thing to have or to add to the roof of your home. They bring more natural light into the home. Skylights also save on energy costs by reducing the need for interior electric lighting. In […] continue reading ›

New Roof Bay Area Home Century Roof and Solar

A Good-Looking New Roof Adds Curb Appeal to Bay Area Homes

Bay Area homeowners thinking about installing a new roof should know that a clean, good looking, well-maintained roof adds a lot of value to a home. A good-looking roof improves “curb appeal,” which makes the home easier to sell and […] continue reading ›

Century Roof and Solar Panel Installation Alamo

Should You Install Solar Panels on an Old Roof?

Congratulations if you are one of the many Bay Area homeowners who are adopting solar power. One big element of installing solar power is assessing the condition of the roof that will have to support it! Roofs don’t last forever. […] continue reading ›

Roof Damage

How Can I Tell if My Roof Needs Repair?

Most people probably take their roofs for granted, until they leak. People often wait too long before having their roof inspected, which leads to more costly repairs or even replacement. So, it is important not to wait until a problem […] continue reading ›

Century Roof and Solar Skylight

Fix Skylight Leaks Before the Winter Rains Begin

Skylights are a great addition to a home’s roof. They let natural light in to brighten areas of your home that would otherwise lack direct sunlight. But they are the roof feature that is most likely to develop leaks as […] continue reading ›