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How to Size Gutters for Your Roof

You may not think about your home’s gutters and downspouts very often. But they are a key factor in keeping your roof and your home in good condition. A good gutter system:

  • Protects the foundation of a home by channeling rainwater away from the building through downspouts.
  • Protects landscaping around the house and prevents erosion.
  • Prevents flooding in the basement.
  • Keeps water away from the facial board and house paint, saving them from excessive damage.
  • Keeps the roof in good condition and stops mold and mildew from growing.

An expert roofing and gutter contractor can install a quality system that will provide all of these important benefits.

Signs You May Need New Rain Gutters

Signs that you may need new rain gutters include visible cracking, rust, corrosion, peeling paint, and gutters that are bending. You should also inspect for leaning, or pulling away from the facial board, mildew, puddles of water around your home, and water marks under the gutters. Then, call a qualified Bay Area gutter installer to effectively address these problems.

How to Size Gutters for Your Home

Your roofing and gutter contractor can answer the question “what size gutters does your home need?” using these steps:

  1. Calculate the runoff capacity of the gutters, not just the running length of the roof’s edge. The contractor will measure the lengths and widths of each roof area to get the total square footage of the roof
  2. Calculate the pitch of the roof
  3. Measure the square footage of the roof, and multiply it by a roof pitch multiplier
  4. Assess the rainfall intensity in your area

The resulting calculation will determine the size of gutter needed.

If you need major gutter repair work, an expert East Bay gutter repair service will use the same approach to determine the gutter replacement and repair needs.

There are many choices for gutter materials

Century Roof and Solar offers many gutter options. Here are some of them:

  • 5” Ogee face style
  • Three designs of 5 ¼” straight facia
  • 5 ¼” curved facia
  • Two styles of 7 ¼” curved super facia
  • 4 styles of 7 ¼” tile gutter/super facia

Each comes in multiple color choices along with a selection of materials including aluminum, steel, and copper.

Why Get a Certified Roofing Contractor?

certified roofing contractor will use quality equipment, professional techniques, and efficient work processes. We also will offer workmanship warranties..

Choose a Professional Hayward Roofing Company and Gutter Contractor

Contact Century Roof and Solar, your certified roofing contractor for expert roof repair service and installation and gutter installation. Century Roof and Solar takes a systems approach to roofing, including gutter systems. We deliver high-quality roofing solutions with every component.