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Solar Battery Storage a Great Homeowner Benefit

Thousands of homes across the United States and in California are adding solar power with solar battery storage every year. It allows people to “go green,” and get off the grid. Plus, with battery storage they can survive power outages with stored power. This keeps food fresh and safe, and keeping a home at a livable temperature. When choosing solar power with energy storage, it is important to choose a professional Bay Area solar system contractor.

The Benefits of Solar Power

There are many benefits to having solar power. Perhaps the benefits that people think of most often are reducing energy bills and being more energy independent. These are certainly significant.
There are some important environmental benefits including fighting climate change. Solar power doesn’t use fossil fuels, so solar power reduces air pollution. Hydropower and nuclear energy both consume water to produce power, but solar power requires no water to operate. Solar power reduces dependence on nonrenewable sources. Solar power helps to decentralize the grid protecting people in one area from problems such as blackouts. An experienced Hayward roofing and solar company can provide these benefits for homes and commercial operations.

Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

While solar panels can reduce energy bills, they don’t generate as much energy on dark days. Installing a solar battery storage system solves that by banking energy generated on brighter days. Solar batteries are simply recharged by the sun, so a home can draw on the power stored in the battery whenever needed.

  • Solar battery storage systems allow a solar power home to make the most of its solar power. Instead of drawing on the grid for power or selling it off to the grid, you can draw on your own stored power. That gives you more control over the use of your own energy.
  • Solar power with battery storage provides even more energy independence, security, and resilience. You no longer need to worry about grid instability or occasional problems caused by wildfires, for example.
  • Solar power with battery storage reduces a home’s carbon footprint and contributes no noise pollution. And solar battery storage works seamlessly with solar panels.
    A qualified East Bay solar panel service can provide all these benefits.
  • Reasons to Choose a Certified Bay Area Solar Panel and Solar Battery Storage Installer

A certified Bay Area solar panel installer will operate with safety, especially electrical safety, in mind. They will have specialized equipment and the proper training and experience. They will also offer warranty coverage for workmanship to supplement manufacturers warranties on materials.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Solar System Contractor

Contact Century Roof and Solar, based in Hayward, CA for your roofing and solar energy solutions. Since 1996, Century Roof and Solar has been a premier Bay Area roofing and solar panel systems provider. We work with on and off-grid battery backup systems.