Solar Battery Storage
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Storage Batteries Improve Solar Power Productivity

Solar power is simply harnessing the sun’s radiant energy and turning it into power. It is a critical form of alternative energy as we move away from our over-reliance on fossil fuels. At the homeowners’ level, though, the growing interest in solar power is driven by eliminating home energy bills. Rapid growth has also been “fueled” by improving technology, which has lowered the cost of purchase and installation. Further, having solar power on a home can increase property resale value. These practical considerations have reinforced the long-term appreciation of solar power’s environmental benefits.

How Do Storage Battery Improvements Further Enhance Solar Power Benefits?

Solar panels convert sunshine into electricity. Without a storage battery system to capture energy as it is created during the day, there is no electric power from the solar panel system once the sun sets. Plus, as we know from recent Fire Season and heat wave outages, the electrical grid can shut down during extreme weather conditions. Power can also be disrupted by damaged power lines or power line repair work. In so-called “blackout” or “brown-out” conditions, essential power can still operate all day in homes with expertly installed battery storage coupled with solar energy installations.

In fact, having a solar battery included with your solar system is a great way to get the most value from your solar panel system. You become much less reliant on the grid and save even more money by eliminating the need to ever tap the grid for power!

What are the types of Residential Solar Power Storage Batteries?

There are three main types of solar power batteries typically installed for home use:

  • Lead-acid batteries are a long-established and tested technology that has been used for decades. They are a less-expensive option but have shorter battery life than other battery types.
  • Lithium-ion batteries now represent the majority of new home energy installations. They are lighter and more compact than lead-acid batteries and have a longer lifespan.
  • Nickel and sodium batteries represent about 10% of home installations, with other chemical battery compositions representing a small fraction of use.

Improvements in solar system storage batteries have made them last longer, provide more power, and cost less than in previous years. Your expert Bay Area solar panel installers can assist you in choosing and installing the right storage battery for your home.

Features to Look for in a Storage Battery System:

  • Power and capacity ratings
  • Depth of discharge
  • Round-trip efficiency
  • Warranties

Choose a Professional Bay Area Roof and Solar Company for Residential Solar Panel Systems

Solar power is not a DIY project. It calls for using professional solar system installation specialistsContact Century Roof and Solar, based in Hayward, CA for your roofing and solar energy solutions. Since 1996, Century Roof and Solar has served the Bay Area as a premier residential solar panel systems provider. Our company works with on and off-grid battery back-up systems.