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What Solar Power Battery Storage Can and Cannot Do

Solar battery storage makes a great addition to any solar power installation. Solar panels generate energy when the sun shines, which the batteries store for use after dark. This provides your home the energy you need when you need it. As an expert Bay Area roofing and solar contractor, we increasingly add battery storage to our solar installations.

Why Does Solar Power Makes Sense?

A complete solar system can provide significant energy savings over its 25+ year lifetime. Solar power installations also increase home values while producing renewable energy. And a solar energy system requires little or no maintenance. Further, a solar power system with an integrated solar battery protects you during short-term power outages caused by storms, wildfires, or mechanical failure. An experienced Hayward solar system installer can provide the expertise to meet your solar power needs.


Advantages of Solar Power Battery Storage

Including solar power battery storage along with solar panels enables your home to store the extra energy produced by the sun instead of sending it back into the electrical grid. During the times that you need more energy than the solar panels are producing, battery storage will provide power. A solar battery essentially enables a homeowner to use “every ounce” of the solar power that is generated.

A solar battery enhances the energy independence provided by solar panels. So, it gives you more value for your solar investment. A professional East Bay solar system contractor like Century can help you achieve all these advantages. Solar batteries also provide backup power during outages without the noise or greenhouse gasses produced by a diesel generator. Call it “energy security.”

Disadvantages of Solar Battery Storage

We see two disadvantages with solar battery storage. First, solar batteries add additional upfront cost to your solar power installation. Second, the solar batteries may not provide enough energy to power all your home systems during a long-term blackout. Still, battery power will give you more power than your neighbors who have no battery backup at all!

Why Work with a Certified Roofing Contractor on Solar Projects

The reasons are simple. You get expert service, professional supervision, quality equipment, cost-efficient work, and a workmanship warranty.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Roofing and Solar Contractor

Contact Century Roof and Solar, based in Hayward, CA for your roofing and solar energy solutions. Since 1996, Century Roof and Solar has served the bay area as the premier residential solar panel systems provider. Our company has very much earned its title the “Most Trusted Name in Roofing“!