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7 Signs You Need Bay Area New Roof Installation

All the roofing elements can be professionally installed by experienced East Bay roof repair services.

Bay Area Roofing Repair or Replace

You might think that your roof is sturdy enough to stand up to anything, but there will come a time when it will need to be replaced. Here are just 7 signs that you need a Bay Area new roof installation.

  1. Water Stains and Other Signs in Your Attic

If you aren’t sure whether or not to call an East Bay roof repair contractor, check your attic. If you see water stains on the ceiling or the walls near the ceiling, you might have a leak. This is a clear sign that your roof is on its last legs and should be replaced. You can also look for beams of light shining into your attic through holes in your roof.

  1. An Old Roof

An asphalt shingle roof usually lasts between 20 and 25 years before it needs to be replaced. If you know that it’s been at least that long since your roof has been installed, it’s time to think about contacting East Bay roof repair services about at least inspecting your roof to see if you need a replacement.

  1. Damaged Shingles

Check your roof’s shingles frequently, especially after a severe storm. Your shingles should lie flat against your roof. If you look at your shingles and see that they are cracked or curling, it’s probably time for a new roof. The same goes for seeing bald shingles or granules in your gutters. 

  1. Damaged Flashing

If you check the flashing around your vents, skylights, or chimney seals and notice that it is cracked or corroded, your roof is likely nearing the end of its lifespan. This is often the case with older homes with flashing made of roof cement or tar, so consider upgrading to a metal flashing system the next time you repair or replace your roof.

  1. A Sagging Roof

Roofs with trapped moisture and mold can rot and start to sag. This can be difficult to spot if the sagging isn’t that severe, but an obviously sagging roof should always be replaced before it causes any further damage to your house.

  1. Moss and Mold in Your Roof

If you can see moss or mold growing between the shingles on your roof, it’s likely badly damaged and needs to be replaced. In fact, if you do see mold on your roof, it’s likely that it could be elsewhere in your home, so check everything thoroughly.

  1. You Have a Leak in Your Home

We’ve already talked about signs of a leak in your attic, but a bad leak could cause problems elsewhere in your home. If you see water dripping from your ceiling or water stains on your ceiling or walls, you likely have a leak somewhere in your roof, which is probably the biggest reason to get a replacement.

Bay Area New Roof Installation Near You

If you notice any of these problems or you suspect that you have other roofing issues, don’t hesitate to contact Century Roof and Solar. We will be happy to check your roof and make sure that it is still in good shape.