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How to Select Roofing Materials for Your Bay Area Home

Your choice of roofing materials is important. It is a decision you will live with for at least two decades! Roof material choices involve both esthetic and practical concerns. First, having a strong and healthy roof protects a homeowner’s investment in the home. It seals the house against the elements, while also saving energy costs for heating and cooling. A good-looking roof that complements the look of the rest of the structure also increases the value of a home for potential buyers, once you decide to sell. When you want a roof that will achieve all these objectives, work with a seasoned, certified Bay Area roofing contractor to step through all your options.

Questions to Ask About Choosing Roofing Materials for Your Home

Many types of roofing materials are available. Asphalt shingles are the most popular, but metal roofing, wood shingles and shakes, clay tiles, concrete tiles, and slate tiles all represent options.
An expert Hayward roofing company can advise the homeowner on the costs, advantages, and limitations of each of these for Bay Area homeowners.

Review these points with your roofing contractor when planning a new roofing project:

  • How heavy is the material and will it require special support framing? Clay tiles, for instance, weigh more than asphalt tiles.
  • Does the material meet local fire codes? Wood shingles may not work in the Bay Area, as an example.
  • What are the sun and heat-resistant properties of the material?
  • What look do you want to achieve? A roof that complements your home’s architectural style improves its “curb appeal.”
  • Will the material perform well during natural disasters including wildfires, heavy downpours and high windstorms?
  • How much does the material cost?
  • What are the material’s life span and warranty?

A long-tenured Bay Area roofing contractor will be able to expertly address all these points.

How to Maintain Your Roof Investment

Use these tips to maintain new roofs and protect your new investment:

  • Clear off debris that may fall on the roof or get caught between roof tiles.
  • Keep gutters clean and in good repair to keep water away from the roof and home.
  • Be aware of algae growth in areas where moisture lingers. Have your roof inspected and maintained annually to prevent accumulation.
  • Watch for tile damage after weather events.
  • Get annual checkups even if your visual checks find nothing.

professional East Bay roof repair service can help you with quality roof maintenance services.

Why Choose a Certified Roofing Contractor to Install a New Roof?

A certified roofing contractor will:

  • Possess many years of practical experience with Bay Area roofs
  • Know and provide detailed information as a result of education and training.
  • Get the job done right by spotting issues up front that draw on those years of experience.
  • Provide workmanship warranty coverage.
  • Stay in business to back up the warranty!

Seek Professional Roofing Services to Protect Your Home Investment Properly

Contact Century Roof and Solar, your certified roofing contractor for expert roof repair service and installation. Century Roof and Solar takes a whole-house approach to roofing, delivering high-quality roofing solutions with every project.