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Should You Wait for Solar Panel Prices to Drop?

Solar power is no longer a distant dream for California homeowners. As many as 10 million American homes and buildings now have solar power. And that number continues to increase as solar panel costs and solar system costs decrease.

Why are Solar Panel Installations So Attractive?

Solar power is increasingly attractive because it can significantly reduce a homeowner’s energy bills. Solar power is also a safe and proven technology. It is a sustainable resource that everyone can use, and it has a lower environmental impact compared to other forms of energy generation. It makes a homeowner more energy-independent. And the photovoltaic panels require little maintenance. All these benefits can be provided by a certified Bay Area solar contractor.

Are Solar Panel Costs Declining? Why?

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has reported that residential solar system costs are about 70 percent less than in 2010. Continued advances in technology have steadily reduced solar panel costs and made solar power operation more efficient. Solar panels are now smaller and more durable than ever before. Also, economies of scale in manufacturing have reduced component costs.

Should I Wait for Solar Power to be Cheaper?

The answer is a confident “no.” While solar power costs may continue to decline, they’ll do so at a decreasing rate.

Three reasons drive acting now to install solar panels.

  • By delaying, you will miss out on significant monthly savings on your energy bill. And gas and electric energy costs from PG&E continue to increase yearly.
  • Favorable solar system tax credits may be phased out in the coming years.
  • Adding reliable solar power to one’s home adds to your home value.

Waiting for further panel price drops will result in missing out on these significant benefits.

Don’t wait! Call a Bay Area solar contractor, who is also a certified roofing contractor to get the benefits of solar power now.

Choose an Expert Bay Area Solar System Contractor

Choose a certified roofing contractor and solar panel installer that you can trust to get the work done right. Find out if they are licensed and certified. Ask how long they have been in business and what experience they have with solar design and installation. Choose a qualified Hayward roofing company and East Bay Solar panel installation and repair service. We will be here to support you for years to come!

Contact Century Roof and Solar, based in Hayward, CA for your roofing and solar energy solutions. Since 1996, Century Roof and Solar has served the Bay Area as the premier roofing and solar panel systems provider.  We work with solar battery backup systems, too!