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Six Reasons to Install a Solar Power System on Your Home

Solar panel systems are both popular with Northern Californians, and mandated by the state for new home construction. So solar system installations are happening all over the Bay Area!

Do Solar Panels Make Sense for Your Home?

What are the benefits of installing a solar energy system on your roof or on your property? There are six key areas to consider, keeping your specific home energy needs in mind:

  1. Public Incentives: The Federal government offers tax credits for the installation of clean energy systems and appliances. For example, solar energy systems installed at the end of 2020 are eligible for a tax credit of 26%, and 22% for systems installed in 2021. This subsidy to encourage solar power installations is currently slated to expire at the end of 2021. So if tax credit is a decision factor for you economically, we should talk now about getting a 2021 solar panel system installation on the schedule.
  2. Increase the value of the house: Several studies now find that selling prices are higher for households with solar energy systems already installed, especially new ones. Ownership matters (leased vs. purchased, for instance) but having the system up and running is a big plus. This is especially true in the San Francisco Bay Area, as clean sources of electricity are popular with home buyers.
  3. Energy Availability: Solar energy is available in abundance most of the year in the Bay Area. In addition, generating solar energy disconnects your energy needs from PG&E, so you are no longer dependent on market changes in energy costs, or the price increases that may result from their bankruptcy. You reduce your dependence on our utility companies, and worry less about costs in an unpredictable energy market. And, with the annual power outages caused by our extended fire seasons, living off that grid is a tremendous advantage.
  4. Cheaper Power Solution: After installation, the energy you generate from the sun is largely free, outside of regular maintenance work. Your initial investment will pay off over time with lower or no electricity bills, and the possibility of selling surplus electricity to the grid. This is where we do the math for you to see if a solar system truly makes long-term economic sense. Every home is different, and for some going solar doesn’t make sense!
  5. Environmentally friendly: Although there is a environmental cost for the manufacture of solar panels, your solar energy creates no pollution. Given their long life if maintained properly, the cost of panel manufacture quickly gets offset by the drop in burning fossil fuels.
  6. Low maintenance: Solar power systems are easy to maintain, as they have few if any moving parts. We do recommend annual checkups, as weather is the main source of damage.

Installing solar power must be an economic, rather than emotional, decision. If the numbers works for your house and property, 2021 should be the year you install your system!

Work With Century Roof and Solar to Estimate Solar System Energy Savings

While the sun does not always shine, overall a Bay Area home with a solar array installed will see consistent power generation and much lower energy bills. At Century Roof and Solar, we have been installing residential and commercial solar systems for the better part of two decades. Put our experience to work! Get an estimate as a start to see if you are a good candidate for solar!