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A Good-Looking New Roof Adds Curb Appeal to Bay Area Homes

Bay Area homeowners thinking about installing a new roof should know that a clean, good looking, well-maintained roof adds a lot of value to a home. A good-looking roof improves “curb appeal,” which makes the home easier to sell and may attract a higher price. According to experts, a new roof can increase a home’s value by as much as 40 percent. Even a more reasonable 15% bump in price sounds attractive! When the time comes for a new roof, or to correct problems with an older roof, contact a professional Bay Area roofing contractor to get the installation done correctly.

What Are All the Benefits of a New Roof?

A new roof that is installed by an expert Hayward roofing company offers many benefits in addition to improved curb appeal. A new roof can be one of the best home improvement projects because it can provide increased energy efficiency. It also preserves the structure of the home and keep it safe from health hazards like mold and mildew. Finally it can provide some stress relief by assuring the home’s occupants that the home will be able to withstand all the challenges of bad weather and environmental hazards. This is critical with an expanding Bay Area wildfire season.

How a Good-Looking Roof Improves Curb Appeal

Curb appeal simply means how well your home impresses outside viewers. Curb appeal matters to both neighbors and potential buyers. The condition and appearance of your roof get the immediate attention of home buyers and are among the first things examined by home appraisers. So, improving curb appeal should figure in your roofing decisions.

Great roofs add beauty to the home. We accomplish this by using roofing materials that complement the colors used in the rest of the home’s exterior. Roofing material designs also offer patterns and shapes that could add visual appeal. Plus, the type of materials used, including slate, tile, and other materials add attraction. A new roof or a roof that is repaired by a professional East Bay roof repair service will look clean and problem-free to potential buyers.

Why Choose a Certified Bay Area Roofing Contractor?

Choose a certified roofing contractor because they come with the educational background and training to do the work correctly.

  • Up-to-date knowledge of building codes.
  • Use the correct materials and installation processes.
  • Offer enhanced warranty coverage.
  • Provide a written estimate.
  • Perform an inspection before commencing work.
  • Stick around through the years to ensure your roof performs as promised, and handle needed maintenance.

Century Roof and Solar Will Be Here for Your New Roof – Bay Area Roofers Since 1996

Contact Century Roof and Solar, your certified roofing contractor for expert roof repair service and installation. Century Roof and Solar takes a systems approach to roofing, delivering high-quality roofing solutions with every component. And we offer solid workmanship guarantees.