Century Roof and Solar Panel Cleaning

How Often Should You Clean Solar Panels?

Whether to clean solar panels is a great question we get with every solar power installation we do. Our answer is simple: Century Roof and Solar does not actually recommend cleaning solar panels more than once annually. And in the Bay Area, […] continue reading ›

Solar Battery Storage

Storage Batteries Improve Solar Power Productivity

Solar power is simply harnessing the sun’s radiant energy and turning it into power. It is a critical form of alternative energy as we move away from our over-reliance on fossil fuels. At the homeowners’ level, though, the growing interest […] continue reading ›

Century Roof Solar Panel Repair Service

Solar Panel Maintenance for Bay Area Winter Weather

Residential solar panels have been around for a long time. Today more than 2 million homes have solar panels according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), and they project installations to double by 2023. Solar panels can save money on homeowners’ […] continue reading ›

Rock Solar

Six Reasons to Install a Solar Power System on Your Home

Solar panel systems are both popular with Northern Californians, and mandated by the state for new home construction. So solar system installations are happening all over the Bay Area! Do Solar Panels Make Sense for Your Home? What are the benefits of installing […] continue reading ›

solar roof contractors

Four Steps to Maximize the Energy Your Solar Panels Generate

Solar energy is highly popular due to its increasing affordability and eco-friendly environmental impact. Solar tiles and panels, once installed, pay for themselves over time because the maintenance costs are low. The solar panel setup cost is an investment, with […] continue reading ›

Rock Solar

Is More Solar Energy Produced the Hotter It Gets?

How Does the Temperature Affect Solar Roofing? Heat on solar panels does impact the way your green technology works, but not exactly in the way the conventional wisdom might have you believe. More heat beaming down on your roof can actually start […] continue reading ›

roof repair specialist

Seven Signs Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

Have you been putting off roof repair? Will you be trying to squeeze one more winter season out of your current roof? There are seven key warning signs that will tell you it is probably time to call in Century Roof […] continue reading ›

Walker Solar

Solar Panel Inspections and Repairs

By converting the sun’s rays into electricity, solar panels provide a wonderful renewable source of energy for homes and businesses. Although these units are manufactured to withstand the impact of mother nature, they still get damaged. Broken glass (from rocks, […] continue reading ›